“Dabbing for Denver” – Broncos Fans Respond to Cam Newton’s Victory Dance


Trent Brockman, Sports Correspondent

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.-  With Super Bowl 50 just around the hour, the nation anticipates the minutes until the big game. At home and on the sidelines of Levi’s Stadium, Denver Bronco fans anticipate dabbing themselves stupid with victory, but not the way Cam Newton does it.

Newton, who finished am impressive season with forty touchdowns, ten interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 99.4, celebrates his victories with a dance referred to by his Carolina Panthers fans and fellow athletes as “Dabbing.”

Off the field, and on couches all across the nation, non-athletes and Broncos fans have a whole different meaning for the term “dabbing”: Pressing cannabis extract known as hash, oil, or shatter, against a heated surface of an rigged bong or pipe, and inhaling the smoke to become exceptionally high.

In response to taking a word from their native pothead language, Broncos fans have created a victory dance of their own, just for the Super Bowl, called “Dabbing for Denver.” Each time Cam Newton is sacked, or throws an interception, Denver fans will be encouraged to consume one dab hit. Kinda like a drinking game, only with dabs.

On a day where drunken belligerence is sometimes the norm at parties and bars, Colorado authorities actually reported a lesser fear of dealing with fights or riots, mostly because dabs put people on their ass the same way the Broncos might be putting Cam Newton on his ass.

“Dabbing for Denver” – Broncos Fans Respond to Cam Newton’s Victory Dance